“Can you put a name or logo on your products?”
“Do you customize?”
“Can you ‘private brand’ your products with our company name?”
“Are your products available blank (without your logo)?"

Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes! Zumer Sport products are so unique and eye-catching, we are constantly being asked if we can customize them. It’s amazing how our various products spark fun and interesting ideas with our customers.

The short answers to these hypothetical questions are that we can customize all of our products with any name or logo. The longer answer involves answering a number of questions -- which product, how many do you need, when do you need them, what kind of name or logo needs to be on the product, and in what location? All of those answers will determine if we can do it, how much it would cost, and how long it would take. Most products have low minimums, and plenty of options. A few products require a larger minimum or set-up charge…but in any case, we pride ourselves on being easy to do business with, and here to help with any project!

Different types of potential customization:

SCHOOLS…Elementary, Junior High, High School, College/University: What better way to foster school spirit than to offer products that people get excited about? All we need is your school logo, and we can transform our products into customized items with school spirit! There are literally hundreds of possible uses for our products with a school logo. Fundraising programs will become much easier with our one-of-a-kind products. Kids love all of the sports we carry, and fundraising will be that much more effective when kids like what they are selling. School products can be sold at school games, carnivals or other events. These are perfect for booster clubs or alumni associations.

ORGANIZATIONS…Church, Synagogue, After-school club: Whether it’s a softball game, fundraising banquet or a vehicle to get an outside sponsor involved, Zumer Sport products can be used in many ways for organizations. A perfect fundraiser or a great promotional tool – Zumer Sport can help any organization!

TEAMS…Recreational, Club, Travel/AAU, Semi-professional, Professional: Make your sports team stand out from the crowd! Teams can use Zumer products to fundraise, “sell” advertising space to a sponsor, or just show a united, classy image to competitors. For larger teams, our products are perfect promotional items.

BUSINESS/PROFESSIONAL... Any company that is directly or indirectly involved in sports can use Zumer products to advertise and promote themselves. Whether it's a special event, a commemorative item, or an eye-catching promotional piece, Zumer products capture the essence of sports. Promotional product companies can use their creativity to bring Zumer products to their customer base and enhance the diversity of what they offer. Even a company that is not directly related to sports might have a company picnic, team-building exercise or a holiday gift exchange for which Zumer products would be perfect.

RETAIL/RESALE…Retailers from small to large and in-store to online always need exciting, inventive new products. Whether they are private branded or not, Zumer Sport products can bring a new customer base into existing retail. All Zumer products can be purchased wholesale with quantity discounts.  

How to get started:

  1. If you have an idea for customizing any Zumer Sport product, call us at (805) 784-9101, message us below, or email us at
  2. If you have a specific idea, great! Let us know everything you're thinking of in terms of product, quantity, deadlines, etc. If you don't have a developed idea yet, don't worry. Our staff at Zumer Sport can help you decide exactly what will work for your order. 
  3. Once the details have been decided, we will provide you with all pricing information, delivery dates, and any other details you may need.