Our Story

Hi there...we're Zumer Sport - a Sterling, Virginia-based company that makes bags and accessories from the same materials used to make your favorite sports balls!

Our company was created by looking at the existing sports bags on the market and noticing a lack of creativity and style. All of the bags available were just the same - they didn't really represent the sport itself but rather the brand name. So, we wanted to create products that instead celebrated each sport and offered customers something different, fun, and unique.

Originally, Zumer Sport was geared towards individual consumers. We started with our basketball leather cinch bag and did a lot of grassroots marketing. As the excitement around our concepts grew, we added other sports and increased our product offerings. At the same time, we started to find creative opportunities for our products in larger markets. We began to offer customized products with logos and also private branding opportunities. Fast forward a few years and we can now say that in every major sport, we have worked with organizations, both large and small, to create one-of-a-kind promotional tools, special event gift bags, team merchandise, event trophies and awards, and more!

We are still a young company – both at heart and in our development. That makes us flexible and able to change gears quickly to meet our customers' requirements. We believe customer service is THE most important part of our business!

We know that we have amazing products - many patented and more patent pending - but we're not going to assume that customers will buy our products just because they are well constructed, well priced, and super unique. So, whether it's an internet order for 1 keychain or a corporate order for 100,000 bags – we're going to do everything possible to produce a quality product, communicate with our customer, answer questions, ship correctly, and provide the best overall service we possibly can.

Many of our internet customers have become wholesale customers. Many of our corporate customers also purchase personally on our website. Our goal is to make each customer happy to do business with us. We don't have automated attendants on our phones - seriously, call us and you'll get an answer from our Virginia headquarters - and we personally answer all emails in minutes as opposed to hours. We are excited to continue to develop fun, interesting, and new products for the ultimate sports fan. Just get ready for people to ask you where you got it!