Our Story

A little about our company:

Drawstring Backpacks...Cinch Sacks...Sports Bags…Back-packs…Duffel Bags -- it doesn't matter what you call them, Zumer Sport has revolutionized sport bags! Add in men's and women's wallets, eyeglass cases, portfolios, keychains and slap bracelets that are all amazing with their sport material construction...Zumer Sport™ is the most innovative and exciting sports-related products company in the world. We take the best parts of sports and create unique, useful and intriguing products. You'll find Zumer Sport™ to be a brand that represents fitness, fun, individuality and celebrates SPORTS. You won't find a more interesting array of products in any one brand.

More about Zumer Sport…

Zumer Sport was created by looking at the existing sports bags on the market, and noticing a lack of creativity and style. All of the bags on the market were the same, and didn't really represent the sport itself. They represented their own brand name. We wanted to create products that celebrated each sport, and offered customers something different, fun and unique.

Originally, Zumer Sport was geared towards individual consumers. We started with our basketball leather cinch bag, and we did a lot of grassroots marketing. As the excitement around our concepts grew, we added other sports, and increased our product offerings. At the same time, we started to find creative opportunities to use our products in larger markets. We started offering customized products and private branding opportunities. We found a great mix between continuing our grassroots commitment to offering each customer a spectacular array of sports and products, along with attention to detail and top notch customer service…and also using our products and materials to offer companies and sports organizations the ability to use what we've created for their own marketing and promotions and sales. In every sport, we have worked with organizations, both large and small, to create one-of-a-kind promotional tools, special event gift bags, team merchandise and event trophies and awards.

We are still a young company – both young at heart, and young in our development. That makes us flexible, and able to change gears quickly to meet customers' requirements. We believe customer service is the most important part of our business.

We know that we have amazing products, both already patented and more patent pending. But, we're not going to assume that customers will buy our products just because they are well constructed, well priced, and very unique. Whether it's an internet order for 1 keychain, or a corporate order for 100,000 bags – we're going to do everything possible to produce a quality product, communicate with our customer, answer questions, ship correctly, and provide the best service we can.

Many of our internet customers have become wholesale customers. Many of our corporate customers also purchase personally on our website. Our goal is to make each customer happy to do business with us. We don't have automated attendants on our phones, and we answer emails in minutes as opposed to hours. We are excited to continue to develop fun, interesting and new products for the sports fan.