Sunglass Pouches

Zumer Sport sunglass pouches are a great soft-cased alternative to our eyeglass cases. Where the hard-cased eyeglass case is rigid and offers superior protection, the soft sunglass pouch can fit any size sunglasses, and is more flexible and lightweight. Designed to fit nearly all sunglasses – from small and trendy to large and fashionable – the Zumer sunglass pouches offer premium protection, great quality and Zumer Sport style! Zumer Sport™ sunglass pouches feature scratch resistant material on the inside, and a secure, covered metal spring at the top to keep your pouch closed, but allow easy access anytime. Made from our patented and copyrighted sports ball materials, Zumer sunglass pouches measure about 7” long and 4” wide, and are perfect for protecting your lenses inside a purse, backpack, drawstring bag or in your car!